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I August 2009 I


Distances between places, times, different beings collide and become fragments in each of the 13 tracks of the second Obsil'album.
These compositions are characterized  by a visionary and evocative mood originated by melodic grains, sometimes deranged, that stand out on an ethereal soundscape generated by a fusion between original and complexes synthetic sounds, instruments from the symphonic orchestra, and a myriad of field recordings. The sounds flow quickly and fade away in the air, breaking melodies that they suddenly recreate.
Distances is  the yield of a constant quotidian work of musical research and sonic experimentation, a sort of sound-diary where the peculiarity of the environment in which the album was composed breaks into every track: in fact, every field recordings present in the album was taken in Val di Merse (Siena, Tuscany), the place where Giulio Aldinucci was born and lives.

Little Shapes

"Little Shapes" that appear from the end of a barely-lit room; strange musical instruments and percussions coming from distant lands, threads of sound captured by digital sound card, field recordings, synthesized soundscapes. This is the world Racoon belongs to.
Indeed there does exist a world made of sounds, that is as little life fragments fading away from the instant they appear and then turning into sensations as they crumble; recognisable in a past time still familiar to everyone.

Raccon's aim is not experimentation of new sound forms, rather it is the search for an intimate dimension that is otherwise imperceptible. Through these "little shapes", Racoon reveals what is invisible to the eye. "Little Shapes" is like a promise that everyone is welcome in this little world.

"Litttle Shapes" is Racoon's debut album. Disasters By Choice

I April 2008 I

MELODIUM - There is something in the universe
Sparkle in Grey have recorded  “A Quiet Place” in 2006 with Giuseppe Ielasi (well known for his records on Hapna and 12k in the experimental and micro-sounds scene), while collaborating with Telepherique and Maurizio Bianchi and remixing for  Micecars and Ether.
The six tracks on this debut album have started off as improvisations on an electronic base, and have later developed throughout live shows in Italy and abroad in squats, clubs, diners, music festivals in the woods and in a kindergarden.

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